A Superior Refinishing Coating

          In the bathtub refinishing industry there are three quality levels of bonding agents and top coats:  economy, standard and premium coatings, such as our diamond glazeing surface. The Tub refinishing companies that sell the premium reglazing coat usually sell the job for a couple of hundred dollars more than the average tub refinisher does.  Most bathtub refinishers apply economy grade resurfacing coats because they can save hundreds of dollars a week on material expenses, these coatings are designed mainly for commercial use. If you ask them they will always say they are using the best materials, what else could they say? Premium coatings are designed specifically for residential applications that demand longer life, higher quality and more durability.    

       Our diamond glazing surface is a more durable, higher quality refinishing surface.  It is the type and abundance of chemicals in these coatings that creates a bond between the old and new surface. Lower cost chemicals simply will not adhere to the old surface nearly as well. They will not last as long in either appearance or in performance.

     There are two parts to the coating:
          A.  Bonding Agent - The more expensive bonding agents in this coating allows the primer to attach to the existing surface.  Lower cost coatings will not hold as well because they have less bonding chemicals.
          B.  Top Coat - This coat attaches itself to the bonding agent.  This is the coat you will see and feel.  The higher quality top coat is more durable and will look good longer.  Lower quality top coats will not adhere as well because the necessary bonding agents are missing.